4 Outfits with One Pair Of Running Shoes

By Annabel van Eijk | Ads Disclosure | 19/07/2022 23:14
4 Outfits with One Pair Of Running Shoes
You can still keep an outfit chic with New Balance 99ov5 running shoes.

Styling your running shoes with anything other than actual running gear would have been unthinkable a year ago. Trends move fast and ever since Scandi Girls have started swapping the chunky sneaker trend with a new, sportier, and even more retro dad shoe, we're seeing the running shoe more and more as a fashion staple. Worn with anything from dresses to jeans, and running shoe outfits are easier to put together than you'd think, and you certainly don't need to be running a marathon to wear these sneakers. 

The Running Shoe

As a running shoe, we chose the New Balance 99ov5. It was Steve Jobs' favorite, but that's not why we chose it. The brands' new tagline "Worn by supermodels in London and dads in Ohio" says it all. As a dad sneaker, it's still has a chic and streamlined appeal and is a little more subtle than say Asics shoes. I've chosen this grey pair but you can choose between any other running shoe for these 4 running shoes outfits after you've gotten some inspiration I've added a selection of my favorite running shoes on Fashiola. 

1. The girly-girl on the run

Can be anything from mini dresses to midi and maxi, just make sure it's about as girly as it gets for that sought-after contrast. Browse through our section of floral dresses and try to stick to girly pastel shades of pink, blue, yellow, and green. Avoid looking like a runaway bride and skip the white dresses, trust me I've been there and the comments WILL keep coming. If you want the easy way out in finding the perfect dress, just check out our favorite brands for dresses like Ganni& Other Stories, and Monki (no, it's not a coincidence they are all Scandinavian). Make everything just that extra bit girly with a cute headband and a 90s baguette shoulder bag, you're a Swedish girl now. 

2. The fancy-pants meets streetwear

Not only can you mix and match the sporty style of these sneakers with something girly, but you can dress down your formal pants or outfit. By dress down, I don't mean you'll all of a sudden look sloppy if you keep your outfit sharp the running shoes will add a casual-cool allure. Think Steve Jobs but 10 times more stylish, which means skip the mom jeans and throw on some black pants and a blazer that has a chic tailored feel. This gentlewoman style is best done with cigarette pants rather than wide-leg pants, this way you'll avoid looking too baggy-shabby. Team your pants with a plain high-quality T-shirt and blazer or if you've got a suit looking to buy one, that's even better.

3. The ultimate Tomboy 

I love a good boyish look and sometimes the only way to really go with this one is to go all the way. That means big sweats, hoodies, baggy jeans or cargo pants, and running shoes are the perfect way to finish off the look. For a tomboy look, it's not only about those casual clothing staples but also about picking the right streetwear accessories. Avoid looking too much like you just came out of your boyfriend's closet and try out chicer updates of streetwear staples like fanny packs, bucket hats, and caps. Swap the canvas bum bag for leather and go for something more boxy shape-wise. Here is Kaia Gerber rocking this look wearing a blazer over a hoodie and her New Balance.

4. Unleash Your Inner Sporty Princess 

Perhaps the most iconic Princess Diana Look right now (or the most influential in fashion in the past year and next) is the one in which she's wearing running shorts, a big sweater, and yes, running shoes. This outfit with running shoes is the only one that gives sin to the sporty nature of the footwear staple, but that doesn't mean you have to come from the gym to rock it. The athleisure trend has made sure that wearing cycling shorts and leggings is about as common as throwing on a pair of jeans. For summer, go for the cycling shorts in a simple black or a bolder neon option, and in winter just wear your go-to comfy leggings. Opt for quality sportswear as the difference will truly show when you're not in a dark sweaty Recycle room but a bright brunch place. Go extra vintage with a pair of classic ray-bans and of course, don't forget those sports socks! 

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