The Most Stylish Christmas Party Accessories

By Jasmine Mousavi | Ads Disclosure | 04/12/2019 09:25
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Christmas is almost here and we can’t be prepared early enough! Once we’ve figured out what outfit to wear for the holidays, we’ll have to deal with the finishing touch: Christmas party accessories!

To soothe that Christmas stress, I’ve created a list of the accessories you’ll need for your holiday looks! (psst… you can use this as well for New Years Outfit inspiration).



Clutches work perfectly for the holidays and any kind of more dressed up an evening event. Not only are they compact and handy, but you can store all kinds of essentials in them. There’s no need to carry a large shopper with you that’s filled with all kinds of things like your notebook and make-up bag. A clutch may look small, but it can hold your keys, a power bank, money and lipstick – you really don’t need more than that!



Bracelets are often overlooked when we’re thinking of bling to add to an outfit. Give your wrist a little bit of well-deserved decoration this holiday season. Look for a dazzling bracelet in rose gold, gold or silver - depending on what color you’re wearing and what other jewelry it needs to match with.



Earrings are an essential Christmas Party Accessory whether you go for subtle luxuries or bolder styles. Going big on the earring department is an easy way to elevate any outfit, pair it with your go-to simple black jumpsuit or little black dress and I promise you it will change your look instantly. If your dress already stands out a lot or you’re all about the more minimal bling, small stud or pearl earrings will do the (very elegant) trick.



Now, to really finish off the triple threat of jewelry - a necklace shouldn't be missed as one of your Christmas party accessories. The length of the necklace can be dependent on what you’re wearing. For example, If you’re wearing a  cut-out dress or bodice, a longer necklace will really finish the look fabulously. A subtle chocker or shorter necklace will look nicer with a top that isn’t very low cut.



Belts may seem like your standard everyday essential but really they can make a fashion statement, so it’s not a bad idea to use a little bit of the belts magic for your Christmas outfits. Tie it around a blazer like all the fashionistas are doing in those street style photos, put it over a skirt or a jumpsuit and you’ve just updated your look! Go for a statement belt that is studded or has some kind of detailing or use this as an excuse to get that Gucci belt you’ve had your eye on for a while now…


Hair Accessories

Headbands, scrunchies, silk scarves, hair clips; hair accessories are the new jewelry and it’s time to prove their finesse this holiday season. A thick headband is super on-trend and will make you look very smart in front of your in-laws for Christmas dinner. Hair clips and scrunchies come in all shapes and sizes - choose one or a few that are fun and add a quirky touch to your look. A silk scarf wrapped around a ponytail or bun and a chic detail and looks neat with just a little bit of edge.


There’s no need to buy a completely new outfit for every Christmas occasion (don’t we have enough stress buying presents as it is). Wear last year’s dress with one of these Christmas Party Accessories and I bet no one will even notice! The right amount of detail can really elevate and revamp a look so don’t be afraid to try some new things out and spread fashion joy this Christmas.

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