Fashion tights are the perfect fall wardrobe solution, here's why

By Annabel van Eijk | Ads Disclosure | 14/08/2019 15:53


Hear me out, Summer ending isn’t that bad. We get to snuggle up in cashmere and throw on those jackets we missed oh-so-much and we can think about things like fashion tights without cringing at the idea of extra warmth. That last one is new to me, but back in January Instagrammers and my Pinterest boards have totally convinced me that colored tights and pattern tights are my fall/winter solution, let me tell you why.

Uhm, What are fashion tights?

Fashion Tights aren’t just any old pair of tights you have rolled up and stuffed in the back of your closet. They are bolder, more fun and more like an accessory rather than just something to keep your legs warm in winter, or let’s face it, for days you just don’t feel like shaving your legs in Autumn. Tights trends are all over the place this year with monogram tights, tights in bold colors and sheer opaque tights that feel like you slipped into butter.

The obvious reason

This is not some mind-blowing epiphany but yeah, tights keep you warm and can let you wear you summer dresses all the way through those bitterly cold months. Besides that, they make some of us just feel more comfortable wearing mini skirts (I know I do).

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Fashion tights are the perfect fall wardrobe solution, here's why

It can take you from day to night

In Autumn, when the weather is still crisp and you're basking in the glow of orange leaves, you can still head out the door with bare legs. But when you’re done with all those important meetings and brunch dates and it starts to get a little chilly at night, you do a little Mary Poppins trick and pull out your fashion tights for the night. Tada! Like magic, that little black dress is a whole new thing with sexy sheer polka dots tights, chic fishnets (yes, they’re not all tacky) or any other opaque tights with patterns.

A little trick for unpredictable weather

The same easy fix and bag trick is a real saviour for unpredictable weather in-between seasons. If you’re like me and like to plan for EVERYTHING then tights are perfect because you can just scrunch them up and stuff them into pretty much all bags (ok micro bag trend doesn’t count). I know I always have a pair of tights with me just in case, all through autumn and colder summer weeks. Fashion tights are also better for Autumn as they’re usually not super thick and warm, so they don’t look and feel too wintery.

Brighten your look (and your day)

As I said, these kind of tights are more like an accessory for your outfit rather than just a leg shaped fabric to keep you warm. Slip into colored tights to really spice up an outfit. From bright greens to fierce reds and kooky purples, this bold move will have you colored with newfound confidence.  

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Bonus: How to wear colored tights?

I know what you’re thinking, “Isn’t this all little too Gossip Girl” and well yes it can be, just stay away from styling it with preppy clothes. Rather than that, wear it with a simple and neutral outfit or basic black dress to really let the color pop. It can be even more fun though to mix and match with colorful patterns, I mean we could use a little brightness when it comes to winter can’t we? Or go for a full monochrome look and match the tights with the rest of your outfit. But most importantly, this should just be heaps of fun, throw your outfits on your bed and try out different colors under to see what works best. 

It’s unexpected and fun, without the effort

Even after all our favorite Instagram ladies have been wearing them, fashion tights still feel pretty unexpected. Rather than a bold bag or bigger than big hoop earrings, tights just really switch up an outfit in an unexpected way. If you’re in a little bit of an outfit routine, tights work like magic to freshen up your go-to outfits in an easy and affordable way. The monogram logo tights I think are especially unexpected and a little quirky no matter how you style them.

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