How to dress like Emily Cooper from "Emily in Paris"

By Laura Ghattas | Ads Disclosure | 2/27/23, 5:40 PM
How to dress like Emily Copper from "Emily in Paris"

Emily in Paris is a popular Netflix show that took the world by storm.

Fans can't get enough of Emily Cooper's (played by Lily Collins) chic and playful wardrobe that showcases the fashion and style of the lead character.

Are you a fan of Emily in Paris’ style?  Here are some tips on how to dress like the Chicago girl.

 Don't be afraid to experiment with different colors, prints, and accessories to achieve a similar look!

Colorful Outfits

Emily is not one to shy away from bright and bold colors that make a statement. She wears a lot of red, pink, yellow, and green. To add some Emily-inspired flair to your outfits, don’t be afraid to add bold colors into your wardrobe.  Cooper looks fabulous with her date with Alfie, wearing a pink skirt and a red top.

How to dress like Emily Copper from "Emily in Paris"

High-end Brands

Emily does not deprive herself of luxury. You surely noticed it through her outfits. Chanel, Saint Laurent and Christian Louboutin are some of her favorite high-end brands. It is true that not everyone can afford dressing this way.  You can still get the Emily-inspired look , by looking for similar styles at more affordable prices. Check out ASOS, Boohoo, PRETTYLITTLETHINGS & more!

Statement Pieces

Emily loves to add to her outfits statement pieces that catch the eye. She wears a lot of oversized hats, bold jewelry, and unique jackets or coats. Look for pieces that have interesting details or that are bold and eye-catching.

Fashionable Accessories

You will never see Emily out on the street without her fashionable accessories. Her favorite pieces are berets, headbands, and statement sunglasses. Look for trendy accessories that can elevate and add a pop of personality to your outfit.

How to dress like Emily Copper from "Emily in Paris"

Mix and Match Patterns

Cooper often plays around with different prints and patterns in her outfits. From plaid skirts with striped shirts to floral dresses with leopard print jackets, Emily effortlessly combines different patterns. The time has come for you to step up and experiment with different prints. Let us know what works for you!

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