How to style patchwork jeans (the 2019 jeans trend you’re going to see everywhere)

By Gal Dagan | Ads Disclosure | 07/05/2019 09:35

Have you already spotted patchwork jeans hanging in the shop windows, and thought… yessssss!
Just when you thought jeans couldn’t be revamped in a different way, the world of fashion delivers patchwork jeans. This year, it’s time to embrace the denim trends as the 00’s come back in full swing. We’re back to high-rise, wide leg jeans - which we <3 at Fashiola.

Read on to find out what the patchwork jean trend is all about and discover some ways to style the trend that we’re sure you’ll love.

How to style patchwork jeans

Patchwork Jeans - literally all in the details

So, where did the patchwork trend actually come from? Kooky fashion designers have started to throw together whatever they fancy? Upcycling has turned into mainstream design?

It all started with the embroidery trend back in 2017, where you can find delicately embroidered floral designs into the sides of your jeans. Since then, the trend has blossomed (yep, top quality fashion journalism right here!) into patches of different shades of denim or detailing being added onto your jeans.

My first thought? These are cool, but they seem difficult to style (and definitely couldn’t be a part of a capsule closet). So, I did a little digging - turns out, they’re just like normal jeans.

3 steps to styling patchwork denim

  1. What's your favorite style of jeans? Right now, mine is wide leg jeans.

  2. Are you looking for embroidery detailing or larger patches?

  3. Keep scrolling for outfit ideas!

If you’re a novice to the trend and just looking to differentiate your mom-jeans from the crowd, I suggest you look out for a way to personalize your outfit through some embroidery.

  • Light denim, loose fit jeans with some small patches or embroidery.

  • Pair the look with a classic black top and some stand-out heels.

If you have been thinking about the trend for a while and think you’re about ready to push the boat through some quirky jeans then you should probably take a closer look at the colorful patchwork and prints.


It’s like a level up to try and incorporate some of the colored patches into your outfit - this is when its best to know which prints you can mix and match (tldr; there are no rules anymore!).

If this seems like you, then you should also take a look at the patchwork denim shorts or skirts- perfect for the summer!

Throwing caution to the wind? Hello, friend! Of course, you should straight for the over-the-top patched jeans... loose fit for the extra vintage feel.

How do you style these?
Our personal favorite is to wear the jeans with some heeled black boots (or Docs <3), a white high-neck top and finish the look off with a simple, classic black belt. This is how you bring an edgy, vintage style into your everyday life.


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