Find out how I'm wearing STRIPES this summer!

By Sophie Tarif | Sponsored | Ads Disclosure | 12/07/2019 18:36
how to wear stripes this summer

If you’re sat on your commute, scrolling through our blog, look around you. How many people are wearing stripes?* To me, it feels like this trend totally crept up on us.

*when I tried that on a friend of mine the other day, it worked - hopefully it did for you too.

Out of nowhere, it feels as though stripes are lined up to dominate the world of print. I started to think more about wearing the stripe trend - as I pulled yet another stripey top from my closet - and how it could be a must have summer style for women (and a very visually pleasing blog). If you're searching for ways to wear the look, check out Fashiola's ideas on how to wear the stripe trend for summer.

how to wear stripes this summer

The Stripe Trends

Mini stripes

Uh, yeah! There are of course trends within the trend. The next big trend to feature: teeny-tiny stripes, perfect for the delicate summer styles for women

You'll probably find that these thin lines are on linen, loose fit tops or jumpsuits like the above. A word of advice, try wearing thin stripes with neutral colors or against a plain background - otherwise, you're at risk of too much going on.

High-neck tops

Tops and t-shirts are one of the easiest ways to start wearing stripes and work them into your look, but in particular, we really like high-neck striped tops. High-neck tops are an easy way to transform something quite casual into something more trendy, a definite Fashiola favorite.

Rainbow stripes

Rainbow print is down to be one of the most popular pattern trends of the summer, so obviously these pieces deserve a spot in the blog. Celebrate summer with this burst of color!


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Abstract stripes

If you thought you knew what stripes looked like, think again. The favorite way to wear this stripe trend is by wearing stripe-y midi skirts.

How to wear the trend?

The dress for summer.

When thinking about summer styles for women, there is usually one it dress of the summer. This year, our money is on a loose fitting striped dress. I'd recommend wearing the the summer's perfect dress with a pair of strappy sandals but a pair of high-top Converse is more my vibe.

To work

You can easily incorporate wearing stripes into your summer workwear collection. For example, loose fitting linen is perfect for a warm office. Alternatively, some striped wide leg pants would also do the trick!

Vertically striped shirts

Baggy vintage styled shirts are a great choice for the summer, paired some denim shorts or a skirt and some round sunnies to round off the look, you're ready for maxing chilaxing.

To hangout

Stripes don't have to be the statement piece either! Wear stripes in the 'backgroud' of your outfit for when you're louning around in a park.

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