Outfit Tips For The Perfect Trip To Disney World

By Laura Ghattas | Ads Disclosure | 12/07/2022 18:54
Outfit Tips For The Perfect Trip To Disney World
The perfect holidays at Disney World Orlando.

If you’re planning on going to Florida this summer, you probably already know that it is the East Coast home of Mickey Mouse. This being said, Disney World is THE place you should not miss.

Choosing what to wear for a day at Disney is not always easy. You have to make sure your outfit is appropriate for the weather, the rides, and the different activities. It is also important to look cute on your holiday photos.

Here are some fashion tips to ensure you have the best time at Disney World.

Tops & Shirts

Of course, don’t wear anything too sophisticated. The best thing to do is choose a lightweight and breezy t-shirt. You can also wear a sleeveless tank top or a crop top. 

If you feel like embracing your inner child, this is the occasion to go for a Disney theme top (Star Wars, Rapunzel, Tinker Bell, Minnie, Goofy … Pick your favorite!). This will definitely add a touch of fun and festivity to your outfit.

Shorts and Skorts

If you are planning to do exciting water rides and roller coasters, wearing a dress or a skirt is not the best idea. Instead, a pair of shorts will do it. This will help you avoid a Marilyn Monroe moment. You can opt for denim, linen, or even lightweight cotton shorts. If you are looking for a more feminine look, you can opt for skorts. They are the perfect piece for a chic and comfortable outfit.


Skirts & Dresses

As previously mentioned, I would not recommend wearing a dress or skirt. But of course, if you’re the type of girl that would want to look like a princess, then JUST DO IT! Just avoid wearing anything that's too flowy or extra long. To stay on the safe side, and avoid any malfunction, you can always wear a pair of biker shorts underneath it ( better be safe than sorry).



Disney World is about the same area as San Francisco and twice the size of Manhattan. This being said, you definitely have to be prepared for some walking when going from one attraction to another. It is really important to choose the right pair of shoes. I would recommend wearing a basic pair of sneakers. If the weather is too hot, you can opt for some sandals or loafers. Anything that’s comfortable can work!




Between the walking, the rides, and the ice creams, you will want to keep your hands free. I know you will have to carry some essentials like your phone, keys, wallet, sunscreen, or hand sanitizer… but don’t bother yourself with a huge handbag. My advice would be to pack your essentials in a zipped backpack, a fanny bag, or a small cross-body back. This can sound a bit of school, but don’t get fooled. These bags can bring some style to your outfit.



It is always good to have great sun protection at theme parks under the rays. And of course, the hat is a good option to do it. But beware, your hat will probably fly off during a ride. To be safe, choose a ball cap that fits your head. Want to add more fun to your simple outfit? You can get a hat with Mickey/Minnie Mouse's ears. Take a look at Shakira looking super cute with her ears!


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