Shackets are the new jackets and here's how to wear them

By Annabel van Eijk | Ads Disclosure | 10/03/2020 10:02
Shackets are the new jackets: this is how to wear them

Shackets may not have the most flattering name, but I can assure you they will flatter any women’s outfit as a key layering piece for this fall and beyond. I’ve selected stylish shackets (nope not getting used this name) on Fashiola from brands like ASOS, & Other Stories, Isabel Marant and Ganni for you to shop. I also put together a few looks for you to be 100% sure you’ll have plenty of styling opportunities. 

More casual than a blazer yet not quite as nonchalant as a denim jacket, the shirt jacket for women is perfect for those of us who want to spruce up their spring and summer jackets game. Even better, you can wear it as a layering piece for winter and late fall, so really, we’re thinking this is exactly what your next fashion investment looks like… 

Wait, what is a shacket? 

A shacket is quite simply, a shirt and jacket it one. Think of it as having a classic shirt silhouette with two buttoned chest pockets and a buttoned front. It usually has a bit of a lumberjack vibe going on, with warm material and the occasional plaid design. Since the material is often wool, felt or leather you can quite easily wear it as a jacket. You’ve also got shirt jackets for women that are thinner and made of light cotton or denim, these also work perfectly as light jackets for warmer, breezier temperatures. 

We’ve seen the shirt jacket around in menswear, mostly in the whole workwear trend with red wing boots and unwashed Levi’s, and now they have entered the It-girl fashion sphere. They’re usually nice and oversized so you can use it to layer up your outfit, I’d say to for one that is long and almost too oversized. This is a classic example of a fashion staple that goes from men’s to women’s and back, so please do feel free to look in both the women’s and men’s department!

How to wear a shacket? 

Master the beige on beige trend 

A trend wouldn't really be that big of a trend if I haven't mentioned it at least 3 times in a blog, so here we are, mentioning the beige takeover once again. Your outfit will look instantly expensive if you opt for creamy, off-white tones and with the shacket as your jacket you've got two trends in one. A pair of wide-leg pants will make this look extra classy and you simply can't go wrong with an ivory, cashmere turtleneck... Have a look at the blog I wrote about how to wear beige if you want to try more beige on beige outfits. 

Look like you're going to head off to Coachella at any minute 

When you've got that perfect shorts and simple body top combo, all you need is the perfect layer to keep you warm when temperatures drop or air-condition makes things breezier. That perfect layer is - you guessed it - a shacket! The oversized feeling of shirt jacket for women is perfect to cosy up with and this look doubles as a fool-proof festival outfit, so if that's your thing this is a real winner. A plaid shacket works best here for a laidback lumberjack feel and pair it with some cowboy boots for a little more casual attitude. 

Simply wear it over your simplest outfit 

Difficulty level: 0
This is a classic case of simplicity over stress. Got up in the morning with an instant dread of putting together an outfit? Just keep things simple with a few key staples and you're guaranteed to look stylish. A shacket is such staple, so it's good to have it in arms reach. This outfit is quite simply, the shacket over your go-to most simple outfit. Skinny jeans and sweatshirt, wool sweater and your classic Levi's jeans, leggings and hoodie; throw over your shacket and you've elevated your simplest look with a little bit of nonchalant yet on-trend style. 

Mix and match with a floral dress

Leave it up to the shacket to turn any girly outfit into a tomboy look, throw it over a floral dress as the perfect transitional jacket. I've spotted this look on a few fashion starlets and I can't quite wait for the temperatures to rise just a little bit so I can finally try it myself.

Shackets are the new jackets and here's how to wear them

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So there you go, 5 fool-proof outfits to get you going on the many outfits you will enjoy with your shacket. We may not get used to the strange name, but we sure can get used to the undeniable easy-going style that shackets offer us. 



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