The 2020 Spring jackets we simply can't resist getting

By Annabel van Eijk | Ads Disclosure | 20/03/2020 14:18
Spring jackets we simply can't resist getting-kleding_US_EN

Spring is on its way and that means we can start layering up with Spring jackets. From stylish trench coats to on-trend shackets and leather classics, the options are pretty much endless. It's time to swap those warm winter coats with lighter layering pieces and we've got all the best ones on Fashiola from over 100 online stores. Don't believe me just yet? Scroll down to find a selection of the most stylish Spring Jackets on the web per jacket style. 

All the best Spring Jackets 2020

The Trenchcoat 

The sophisticated allure of a trenchcoat is no secret. We've seen everyone from Audrey Hepburn to Alexa Chung and probably even our own mothers, look ever so elegant in this classic layer. As we've seen with Spring Summer 2020 trends the trenchcoat has gotten a little baggier, a little oversized and a lot like you stole it from your grandpa (in the best way possible). Belt it around the waist for a feminine touch or leave it open as a baggy jacket over your outfit. 

The Denim Jacket 

The denim jacket is a layering goldmine all year round, but we find ourselves wearing it the most around spring or autumn. Perfect with a warm jumper under for when the temperatures are still a bit low but more importantly, you can simply wear your denim jacket with everything. Team it with a floral dress and sneakers for a girly-meets-casual look or go for full denim on denim look with a pair of jeans and a denim shirt. Again, the oversized style really works best with this Spring jacket, but you can have a look at more fitted and feminine silhouettes as well! 

The Shacket 

I dedicated an entire blog to one of the most on-trend Spring jackets out there for 2020, that's how much we're a fan over here at Fashiola. It's a cross between a shirt and jacket and has already won over the hearts of all the stylish folk at Fashion Weeks from NY to London and Paris. Find out how to wear them with my blog on How to wear shackets or simply get straight to the shopping with the selection below. 

Utility Jackets 

Utility jackets are the type of spring jackets you'll want to throw over everything for a nonchalant yet chic result. This utilitarian style offers some clear benefits as a jacket; it's versatile, sturdy, practical and weatherproof - oh and don't forget the pockets! You don't even need a bag with some of these bad boys, just stuff all your things into your pockets and you're good to go! Go for a classic army green utility jackets with a slouchy style or have a look at the belted, more elegant options out there. 

Fleece Jackets

I have no doubt you will have no regrets buying a cosy, comfy fleece jacket. Recently, they went from a slightly dorky hiking staple to a streetwear staple - and either way we're in for all the comfort a toasty warmth it offers. As a bonus: this is a spring jacket you can also wear as a jumper at home or as a layer under your other jackets for warmth, so invest a quality fleece jacket to wear all year round! 

Leather Jackets 

Another one of those classic spring jackets (aren't we just spoiled!?), the leather jacket is one of those items that stand the test of time. Go for a quality leather or faux-leather option you know will last for a long time as you won't run out of opportunities to weather this iconic layer. We've got everything from classic motor-cycle styles to other styles of jackets made from leather such as shirt jackets (the shacket!) and blazers (major 2020 trend), I've selected a few here but don't be afraid to start looking yourself for more in our leather jacket category! 

Rain Jackets

Yes spring is all about flowers blossoming, birds chirping and the sun finally shining again; but the reality is that Spring is also sometimes (more often than we'd like), about rainy days. So what else can we do than to stay prepared in style with the most practical of spring jackets: the rain jacket. But don't worry, they're not all about keeping you dry, rain jackets can be a trendy layer especially from brands like Stuttenheim and Rains. Shop them here! 


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