Statement Pieces : The Essentials for your 2023 Wardrobe.

By Laura Ghattas | Ads Disclosure | 1/19/23, 2:33 PM
Statement Pieces : The Essentials for your 2023 Wardrobe.
Discover the 2023 trends.

2023 has arrived, whether you believe it or not. (Yes, time flies by so fast). With the start of the new year, I am sure you're starting to take action to achieve your goals.

 Among the new year resolutions are to improve personal routine, eat healthier, exercise... Maintaining your style and updating your wardrobe with essential pieces should also be among your resolutions.

It is important to evaluate each piece, and decide whether you want to keep it or not. You can give it away, resell it or recycle it. But more than that, you should keep in mind a list of statement pieces you absolutely need to have in your closet. 

To help, we have gathered a list of some statement wardrobe essentials, we consider to be foundational for any closet. Have a look at the pieces we are loving for 2023!


The Chunky Loafers


This loafers style has an impressive fanbase. We have seen them on our favorite fashion icons including Bella Hadid. And this trend is going nowhere for 2023. Wear them with jeans, shorts or mini skirts, with short or long socks. A pair of chunky loafers will definitely add a touch of elegance to your look.

Statement Pieces : The Essentials for your 2023 Wardrobe.
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The Satin Midi Dress


The satin midi dress is a versatile dress that's definitely worth investing in. It is a MUST in your wardrobe for winter and beyond. Whether you’re going to run some errands, to have dinner, go to a party or on vacation … you will shine with your satin dress. You can pair it with a pair of heels, cowboy boots, a blazer or a long coat. We can’t take our eyes off Elsa Husk’s red satin dress. She looks absolutely stunning in it.


The Classic Shoulder Bag


With all the new designer bag  brands emerging in the fashion scene, you should not forget your CLASSIC shoulder bag. Pick a bag from your favorite luxury brand. You can’t go wrong with a Loewe bag, or with a Saint Laurent bag. The addition of a classic bag will elevate your look. Regardless of what you wear while going out, you will still look chic and elegant.

Statement Pieces : The Essentials for your 2023 Wardrobe.
A classic bag will elevate your look and make it classy.

The Timeless Long Coat


A long coat is one of the most important purchases you’ll make. Choose an eye-catching piece,  with patterns, vibrant colors, or bold style, that will do with most of your winter styles. On top of an elegant dress or a knitted sweater, the statement coat would look perfect.

Statement Pieces : The Essentials for your 2023 Wardrobe.
A cool long coat will make your outfit rock.
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