No sweat, here’s the best workout gear for women

By Annabel van Eijk | Ads Disclosure | 22/10/2019 14:38
No sweat, here’s the best workout gear for women

From tiny pulses at Barre to pull-ups at CrossFit, the best workout gear for women depends on what you’re looking for and what activity you’re up to. At the Fashiola office we love trying out different classes as well as going jogging or to the gym, but secretly we love shopping for workout outfits even more. I mean, can you blame us? We work in fashion.

Of course, comfort and practicality always come first, but it doesn’t hurt to look stylish while you’re at it. I’ve rounded up some of our favorite workout gear so the shopping part doesn’t have to feel like exercise as well.

For the perfect Yogi look

I’m not going to lie, standing in warrior pose and knowing your posture is on point as well as your outfit just makes the whole experience that extra bit great. When it comes to yoga, the best workout gear for women should be super comfy and unrestrictive. 

When you’re on the mat it’s all about being comfortable and worry-free, so your clothes should reflect exactly that. Nothing should be distracting you, that means no sports bra straps that are just a little too tight and baggy T-shirts that blind you when you’re upside down in downward facing dog.

For Hot Yoga, the rule is pretty much the fewer clothes the better, so go for a comfy strappy sports bra and short shorts. If you don’t feel super comfortable in barely-there outfits, avoid anything cotton as it will absorb your sweat, instead, you could try long or 7/8 leggings that are designed from light material. If you don’t want to be without a top get a fitted tank top that is also light and designed with sheer and mesh materials.

Then to add to your look, having your own matt, special towels and water bottle will make you feel even more like a pro.

For that mission of finding the perfect leggings

I know, it seems impossible sometimes to find the perfect pair of leggings. Comfy, high waisted, flattering (aka your butt looks fabulous), affordable, not at all see-through and did I say comfy? Yep, that’ a lot of demand for a stretchy piece of fabric. But don’t panic, I’ve done all the work for you, asked around and did some research for the best leggings out there that meet all those demands.

The important thing here is that the leggings and legging outfit works for different types of sports because nowadays we’re not just running all week but we like to mix things up with a Pilates class or a long hike into the mountains. You shouldn’t need to splurge on quality leggings for every type of activity. Look for leggings that are compressive for a perfect fit that is nice and tight and you won’t have to pull them up in between your workout moves.

For the die-hard all-weather runners

Weather won’t bring you down will it, you die-hard runner? Having the right gear could help you go that extra mile, even when it’s pouring down. The charm of running is that you can walk out the door and just get right into your workout. But it’s not always perfect weather to just grab a tank top, shorts or leggings and head out – when it’s freezing outside or raining or even when it’s too hot, you’re going to have to think a little more about what you put on to go running.

The ultimate tip for when you’re going running is to dress for a temperature that is a lot warmer than the actual temperature outside. All that glorious running will, of course, mean your body heats up, so dress for that! That also means always going for tight clothing as this won’t chafe when you get warmer and start sweating, even when it’s snowing outside.

Do not, I repeat, do not wear cotton. You want fabrics that wick away liquid not absorb it, and cotton is like a sponge to your sweat or rain, yeah that’s as gross as it sounds. If you’re going running in the rain (go you! I’ll be watching Netflix…) go for darker colors so your trek doesn’t turn into a wet T-shirt party. You’ll also need a good waterproof sports cap, which you can keep using for when it’s super hot out. In peak summer I’d go for some shorts that have a compressive liner under them for extra support and freedom to move. For when it’s super cold there’s lots of high tech gear from sportswear brands like Nike and Under Armour to protect you from the cold, like long sleeve t-shirts and thermal tights and even gloves.

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For when you’re off to brunch after

I am not complaining about the Athleisure trend sticking around. Every year the haters say it will disappear in a minute but then sportswear brands are just like, "Nah, you won’t ever be taking these buttery soft leggings off." This trend means that not only are we spoiled for choice in activewear, it’s also very much acceptable to wear a leggings outfit and sports clothes when you’re not actually working out. If you’re going to yoga and brunch or just off to do some groceries, no one will look at you strangely for wearing comfy leggings.

Our favorite fashion brands like The Kooples have a range of sportswear that shows of your impeccable taste in fashion. I usually pack a soft, big yet super stylish t-shirt or jumper with me if I’m heading somewhere after my workout. This way I don’t have to feel uncomfortable about my behind being too *out there* and it’s still endlessly comfortable. I’d also go for softer more pastel colors as this feels just a little bit more dressed up than super sporty dark shades.

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For when you spent all your budget on expensive Barre lessons

I can’t tell you how much it’s worth it to invest in the best workout gear for women, but sometimes you just want a little update without breaking the bank. Especially since we all know it isn’t always cheap to go to those fancy Barre, spinning, and Pilates classes. There are plenty of affordable brands that offer some great sportswear clothes that are more affordable than your typical sportswear brands. Head to ASOS for sports bra’s, shorts and leggings that are, like everything on ASOS, super on-trend. 


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