The Comeback of Y2K Fashion in 2022

By Laura Ghattas | Ads Disclosure | 8/1/22, 9:14 AM
The Comeback of Y2K Fashion in 2022
The Y2K fashion is back, now stronger than ever.

The Y2K style brings a feeling of nostalgia for millennials who grew up in this era (you can think about Britney Spears and Paris Hilton's iconic looks).

It is today  all over Instagram and TikTok,and is being mastered by Gen Z. Being different is the new cool - Mastering the Y2K style can help to create the most unique, creative and innovative looks. 

Want to create your own Y2K fashion look? Here are some must-have pieces to add to your wardrobe:

Small Shoulder Bags


Small shoulder bags are back. Phone, wallet,keys and lipstick - what else do you need? This little piece is revisited by most of the luxury brands. The baguette bags and saddlebags are everywhere, from runways to streets! Take a look at stunning Elsa Hosk  wearing her iconic Dior saddlebag.


Tiny Sunglasses


It's true, the tiny sunglasses are not the most efficient ones when it comes to protecting your eyes from the sun. They are here to add more glam to your wardrobe. You can find them in different shapes: round, rectangular, and even triangle. I know, not everyone is comfortable wearing this style of shades, but don't be afraid of wearing them. They will elevate your whole look and add a touch of spice to it. Don't forget this little tip: the tiniest, the better!



Want to look like your favorite 2000s hip hop or pop singer? The bandana is one staple Y2K trend that can transform any look. It is for sure the most versatile accessory. The traditional way of wearing it is to wrap it over the head, but you can wear it as a headband or even use it as a hair-tie. For a complete look, I would recommend matching your bandana with the rest of your outfit. (You can match the prints or the colors together)


Baby Tees


If you think you can't wear a baby tee without looking hot as hell, then you're wrong. This style the most representative among the Y2K tops. It is cropped, with a printed quote, logo, or pattern. Pair your cute tee with some cargo pants or a pleated skirt, and here you go!


Low Rise Pants


If low rise pants suits your body, I would recommend you to stick to it - Yes, this style is cool again. Low rise pants are popping-up again on your  favorite street style fashionistas. Pair your pair with any top that’s cropped and some sneakers. You can always count on Bella Hadid to pull out that.


Logo Prints


The logo trend has also made a huge comeback. You've probably already seen it all over your social media pages. Dior, Gucci, Fendi and many others have been SPLATTERING their logos all over their new collections.



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