The Hottest Sunglasses To Wear This Season

By Laura Ghattas | Ads Disclosure | 08/06/2022 18:34
The Hottest Sunglasses To Wear This Season
Sunglasses definitely add hotness to a women's look.

Sunglasses are more than just an accessory or a protection from UV rays. They have the power to transform an outfit. And if you think sunglasses are only meant to be worn in summer, you are WRONG - they can definitely be worn all year round.

 When is the best situation to wear sunglasses?

Make-up free days = SUNGLASSES.

Sunny day = SUNGLASSES.

Hangover days = SUNGLASSES.

Beach days = SUNGLASSES.

'Don't talk to me' days = SUNGLASSES.

'Let’s go grab a beer' days = SUNGLASSES.

And so on … 

 Kick-off your outfits with killer sunglasses made for soaking up some sun (and fun) !

 As usual, we have you covered with the best styles from our favorite designers: Gucci, Dior, Versace, Persol, Oliver Peoples, Tom Ford, Prada, and much more…

Oversized sunglasses

The rise of oversized sunglasses started in the 1960s when women got inspired by Jacqueline Kenny Oasis’s iconic pair. Today, the fashion world is bringing this style back. If you want to create a personality statement and accentuate your look this season, oversized sunnies are the perfect solution. Rock the look in spring and summer wearing them with a maxi dress and a small colored purse for example. In autumn and winter, you can wear them with an oversized blazer or a fitted sweater. Be careful and do not add to it big accessories like a big hat for example. Now all you need to do is pick your favorite pair!


Shield sunglasses

These retro-futuristic sunglasses are having a moment right now. Spotted on runways and worn by many celebrities, shield sunglasses are characterized by the lack of bi-frames and a large lens that covers the eyes and the bridge of the nose. They look best when worn with an effortlessly cool outfit. You can wear them with a tank top and a pair of jeans or a simple dress and look hot as ever! Have a look at Kendal Jenner showing us how to rock them.

Cat Eye Sunglasses

The Hottest Sunglasses To Wear This Season
Wearing eye-cat sunglasses is always a good idea to spice up an outfit.

The cat-eye is the first explicitly feminine eyewear style. It is a milestone in the fashion history, from golden age beauties like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, to today’s most influential supermodels in the world like Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber. This iconic pair has a flattering shape that can add a touch of sophistication and glamour to any look. Pair them with a simple outfit, like with a plain t-shirt, boyfriend jeans, and sneakers, and get this effortless yet fancy look. Cat-eyes sunnies are the perfect addition to your accessory list!


Tinted Sunglasses

Tinted sunglasses are back, and they are as hot as they’re going to get. Many big houses reimagined the style, contrasting the translucent tinted lenses with a bold monochromatic frameOrange, blue, yellow, pink, or green, you can choose your favorite tone that matches your outfit. Many of our favorites stars have been spotted completing their look with the perfect pair. Here is Emma Chamberlain looking flawless in her blue-tinted shades!


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