Transition Your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring

By Laura Ghattas | Ads Disclosure | 3/17/23, 11:15 AM
Transition Your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring
Light colors and patterns for Spring!

Is spring also one of your favorite seasons? I am personally waiting for it impatiently! A little sunshine and warmer weather wouldn't be that bad for now! 

To go from your winter to spring wardrobe can be a bit tricky, but the good part is that you don’t have to completely revamp your wardrobe. However, it is important to take into consideration the rise of temperature and brighten up your wardrobe to welcome the new season. 

Here are some tips that will help you to transition your wardrobe from winter to spring with ease:


Before you start transitioning your wardrobe, we recommend taking some time to clean out your closet. It is important to take out items you haven't worn or that no longer fit. It will help you create a more organized space and have a clearer view of what you already have and what you need. More room = new clothes ;) that will fit more your style and needs!



In winter, we tend to go for more dark and neutral colors for our wardrobe. When the weather gets softer, and the flowers start blooming, we feel like wearing more colors, or at least, adding brighter pieces to our outfits. Wear more white! White jeans, white t-shirt, white scarf, white blazer will instantly lighten up any outfit. Green and yellow, pink and purple, blue and green … Want to add some freshness and fun to your look? Dare to wear colors and combine them!



Snowflakes, fair isles, buffalo plaid and cable knit patterns… put them ALL away. Wear patterns that scream: SPRING! Florals, polka dots, tie-dye, stripes, gingham are all patterns to have fun with. You can choose to keep your look balanced, pairing a patterned piece with a neutral piece ( like a floral dress for example). You can also choose to mix and match different patterns. Don’t be afraid to experiment and go crazy with your spring pattern!

Transition Your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring
Light up the streets with your patterned spring outfit!


Transitioning from winter to spring fabrics can be a bit tricky. Start by getting out the heavy and bulky winter fabrics such as cashmere, wool, fur, and replace them with lighter and breezier fabrics such as linen, silk, cotton or denim. For example, you can wear a denim jacket over a cotton dress, or a lightweight cardigan over a silk blouse.

Transition Your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring
Linen dresses are a MUST for spring.



Spring can be unpredictable. From cool mornings, to warm afternoons, to chilly nights. You have to be ready, and layering is the secret! It’s a great way of staying comfortable and stylish. Light layers include lighter sweaters, cardigans and knits that aren’t too heavy or chunky. For example, you can wear a oversized blazer over a long floral dress, and add on a scarf that you can easily take off as the day warms up.

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