Why I love my ugly sneakers

By Sophie Tarif | Ads Disclosure | 02/01/2020 16:05

Perhaps because I work in the world of fashion I have been over-exposed to styles and trends but I just can't seem to shake the feeling that the latest fashion in sneakers might actually be pretty cool. Either way. I love ugly sneakers. 

Why I love my ugly sneakers

I love the seemingly random color combinations you find on a pair of ugly sneakers. They are full of uncomfortable colors and and patterns but you can imagine it's taken hours for a designer to decide on the perfect contrasting shades; see Gucci sneakers

I love that they are over-sized and how apologetically chunky they look.

I love the idea that a pair of sneakers could be the statement piece of an outfit and simultaneously the random colors and shapes place no bearing on what else you wear that day; 'patterned skirt and bright colored shoes? Sure thang!'

I love that it means I get to wear sneakers all the time.

I love that they don't have gender. 

I love to see how outrageous the style of sneakers can be (see Gucci once again) and looking out for imitation versions asking me to Swipe Up.

I just love them.

Every brand imaginable has produced their own version of the over-sized, uncoordinated and clunky sneakers - and each pair comes with unimaginable price tag. But why the sudden surge? 

Is it because fashion has a new found interest in actually being comfortable or because there's an unspoken challenge on Instagram to see who has the geekiest 80's inspired shoe?

Anyway, here is a selection of the best of the worst.

Why I love my ugly sneakers

I love the way you wear them

I think the reason I love ugly sneakers so much is because of the creative way the world is styling them. Personally, I've always considered a pair of sneakers as a lazy option to throw on with a pair of jeans however ugly sneakers have inspired a whole new aesthetic.

The most fashionable way to pull off the ugly sneakers look is to pair them with a midi-dress or midi-skirt. Delicately pleated dresses or body-hugging denim skirts balance out the aggressiveness of the dad sneakers making them an almost obvious outfit choice

I love that even though you've chosen to buy ugly sneakers you're doing your best to look cute. If this means wearing a pair of ugly sneakers with a pair of glittery socks or cute frills, then so be it

I love that they're versatile.  You can wear a pair of ugly sneakers in a streetwear style look and yet you can still make them work with a pant-suit (kinda).

Shop 'affordable' ugly sneakers

However, what I don't love about this sneaker trend is the price tag that comes along with it. If you're looking for a pair of ugly sneakers that won't break the bank, check out what is available on FASHIOLA'S range of sneakers under $150.

I just love ugly sneakers. Don't you agree?

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